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The most cinematic escape room experience out there;  The Haunted House of Horror features a unique set of puzzles that teams will have to navigate through in order to Escape.    


Like any old Escape Room, to progress, you and your team will need to solve puzzles.  However,  unlike other Escape Rooms, solving puzzles will give you a piece of the story which will come in the form of Videos and Audio recordings.  Make sure you pay attention to the story because there might be clues in there that will help you!  Plus, there is no time limit so you can take as long as you need to absorb the storyline!


3 People: $195, $65pp

4 People: $260, $65pp

5 People: $295, $59pp

6 People: $354, $59pp



Reading glasses if needed and a Positive attitude



So long as it doesn't push your team over our maximum capacity of 6, there is no issue. 

You can square the difference in price when you get to Escape or Die on the day.

We highly recommend groups are 15 years or older.  This is because the experience can be 

a little scary, but also because there is a lot of story elements which can be a bit confusing for

younger audiences.


We are located on the corner of Lygon and Barkly st in Brunswick East.

CAR:  There is plenty of 2 hour parking on Lygon st and Barkly st, it will only be a very short

walk from either of these two streets.

TRAM:  Take the 1 or 6 tram and exit at the Brunswick Road stop.  

TRAIN:  Take the Upfield railway line and exit at Jewell station,

it is about a 10 minute walk down Barkly st to Escape or Die.

The Haunted House of Horror escape room can be intense for some; coarse language

and adult themes MA15+

1 party member will need to climb a step ladder

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How to Play?

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